Peach Jam


Its so peachy!

Here in central Virginia, we are lucky enough to have 3 peach orchards within a short drive of our house. We made homemade peach jam for the first time last summer as a trial and error sort of thing basically because there was no way we could possibly eat all of the peaches we picked before they went bad! The peaches on the trees were so enormous and so juicy that when you bit into one, your whole face (and front of your shirt) would get covered in juice! This year, Virginia had a bad peach growing season. A late frost ruined a lot of the peach crops in this area. The peaches were much smaller and harder to come by, but still delicious. And luckily, we got all of the trial and error mistakes out of the way in terms of jam-making last year, so the jam this year ended up being the best yet!

The thing with jam is you must follow the instructions PRECISELY. Yes, jams call for an absurd amount of sugar. No, you absolutely cannot cut back on the amount of sugar in your jam unless you want it to turn out like pure liquid. Just come to terms with the fact that jam is not a very healthy thing! Delicious, but not very healthy!


I love this jam recipe because you don’t boil the peaches to death so they retain their true peachy flavor! 🙂

I love this particular jam recipe because 1. I taste tested it. Just trust me, its amazing, 2. You leave the skins on for more flavor and better color, 3. You don’t cook it to death so the true peachy flavor stays intact and 4. It sets up to the perfect consistency that is spreadable and holds together. Its just the best! Try it for yourself:

Peach Jam Recipe

I had some help from a special someone in the making of this jam. Doesn't she look so helpful?

I had some help from a special someone in the making of this jam. Doesn’t she look so helpful?



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